Ravelry article on Slate

Ravelry was recently featured in this article on Slate. Most of the knitters and crocheters with whom I’m acquainted at least know about the site, and many are active participants, but it seems worth mentioning again for those coming along who don’t yet know about it.

The site really is a wonderful resource for those who knit and crochet. Its features are myriad. I particularly appreciate being able to:

  • search for pattern suggestions based on specific criteria. Say I happen to have on hand 200 yards of worsted weight wool — I can plug in those details and receive a list of pattern options and see what other people have made with that yarn quantity, weight and fibre.
  • ask questions about techniques or equipment or specific patterns, and connect with people who are able and willing to share their knowledge. It’s a wonderful way to learn.
  • help by answering topics on which I have some knowledge.
  • find out what’s happening locally (fibre arts events, yarn shop sales, knitting groups, classes, etc.) by visiting the groups based in my area
  • connect with people who share very specific interests. Like to knit cephalopods? Or crochet snowflakes? Want to connect with left-handed knitters? Among the 20,000+ existing groups, there’ll be something for you — and you can always start a new one if you want.
  • read reviews of yarns. This is very helpful when considering whether to use a certain yarn for a project: it may look lovely in the shop, but does it tend to split when you knit with it? Will it hold up well to washing?
  • sell patterns at a very low cost (or free, if I sell very few)
  • view other people’s projects and get feedback on my own. It’s very inspiring to see the beautiful things others have made, and pretty cool to get comments on my work from people all over the world.
  • enjoy all these features (and more) on an easy to use site with a clean layout and no intrusive ads. All advertising is unobtrusive and strictly yarn related.

I could go on and on — it’s a seriously impressive forum! Here’s the link to my Ravelry page — see you over there!

2 responses to “Ravelry article on Slate

  1. Ravelry’s great and you have so much interesting stuff on your profile there!

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