Sassy Strawberries : free pattern


Hello all. I haven’t maintained this blog in a few years, but figure I’ll start to update from time to time as I have new projects or ideas to share.

Let’s start off with a free pattern for you to enjoy. A number of years ago, I designed his simple crocheted strawberry, but didn’t get around to posting it here. Someone brought it to my attention recently and prompted me to share it. Enjoy!

Sassy Strawberries

Jo-Anne’s quilts

My lovely neighbour Jo-Anne (a.k.a. juicyredbee) makes beautiful quilts, and currently has a display of them at the Black Rook Bakehouse over here in East Vancouver. They should be up for at least another week or two, so do stop by to see these works of art, and to check out the excellent sweet and savoury baked goods too.

quilt 01

quilt 06

quilt 08

quilt 11

quilt 13






For details, visit Ravelry.

returning at last!

After a hiatus of more than two and a half years, I’m delighted to be returning (to a small extent) to doing fibre crafts. I don’t at the moment seem to have the manual dexterity to knit beyond plain knit and purl stitches (can’t do a y2tog to save my life, for example!) but I can crochet without too much difficulty, so … hooray!

First up is a project I started nearly three years ago. It’s a gorgeous pattern, Arrows by Annette Petavy. I’m making it from Misti Alpaca Lace in a beautiful purple called Carnival Melange and using a 3 mm hook. Here are a few photos of it in progress.

WIP alpaca arrows-1

WIP alpaca arrows-2

WIP alpaca arrows-3

For those on Ravelry, you can see the project here: PlayWithString’s Alpaca Arrows.

Play With String is on indefinite hiatus


Those who stop by from time to time to read my blog may have noticed that I rarely post anymore. Here’s the reality: arthritis and nerve damage have caused my manual dexterity to decrease to a point where knitting and crocheting are impossible for me to do. I’m a positive and optimistic person, and figure that one day I may have the ability to do them again, but in the mean time, I can’t dwell on it, so I’ve moved on. My creative energy is now directed at my photography, something I’ve loved for a number of years. If you’d like to see it, please visit my web site.

To everyone who has taken the time to read, comment and tell me about your own crafts over the past several years, thank you very much!

no crafts here….

It’s been a number of months since I’ve done any crafts — it’s too much for my hands to tolerate these day, and I don’t know when that will change. Meanwhile, I’m busy with photography; if you’re interested, you can visit my website and check out the blog over there.


queer East Van bingo quilt

Go read about the amazing bingo quilt that my friend amy a.k.a. crafty dame made for the curated art show at the Queer Arts Festival. I can’t begin to do it justice by attempting to describe it, so just go read the post. The show apparently closes today, but if you’re in Vancouver, try to make it to the Roundhouse to see it and the other wonderful artwork on display.